About us

Welcome to Brownfield Portal

Brownfield Portal is a database of available production and business facilities that have previously been used and are owned by commercial banks, state and public institutions or privately owned. It is intended for use by domestic and foreign investors.


The portal offers an option for free registration of facilities that are not currently used due to obsolescence or impaired functionality.


Within its functionality, the portal includes search by categories according to: activity, object size, location, road and infrastructure connection.


This provides quick and easy access to the required information in response to your request for the realization of the "Brownfield investment project". Its advantage lies in the possibility of adapting existing facilities to new production or commercial facilities, as a result of the "Brownfield investment" which is realized through the sale or rental of the same.


The purpose of this type of investment is to expand the existing capacities or start a new work process, enabling greater growth and development of the economy.