What is the Brownfield Portal?

The Brownfield portal is a database of available production and business facilities previously used, owned by commercial banks or privately owned. It is intended for use by domestic and foreign investor.


How to register in the Brownfield database

In order for your object to be displayed in the database, you need to register it. The registration is done through an online form on this link. After the registration, your object will be reviewed by the portal administrator, after which you will be contacted for verification of the advertisement. After the confirmation, the object will be published on the portal.


Is registration free?

Registration in the Brownfield database is free.


How long will the object stand on the portal

The item will stand as long as you rent or sell it. Our service will contact you every three months to check the status of the add. If the object is issued or sold in the meantime, it will be removed from the portal.


What if I have a question or problem about using the portal                                                   

If you have questions or problems with the functionality of the site, contact us at the following e-mail address: [email protected]